Deleting/Moved to weebly.

I did it Guys! I made my weebly…Like a while ago, but at the end of the week I will delete this blog. 



I feel the need to update you on my ”Hiatus” I’m looking into getting a weebly. depending on how I like the features, And I think I’ll like weebly a lot..I’ll give it a three hour  run then I’l post a link. 

Hiatus Announcement.

Hiatus Announcement.

Sooo. yeah sorry. I need to get a few things in order. I don’t know what’s up. it’s Not a bad thing! I’ll certainly be updating from My Other social sites. Such As

Instagram(yes I now have one). MatsuriXBear

My Facebook: Bella Matsuri Rasul

Tumblr. Soo…Yeah That’s the deal with that. Sorry. I have a few resolutions to get through.

One Last Panda For 2013, K?

Cute Overload

He’s round, chubbular, and playing ON A BLUE ROCKING HORSE! Can someone PLEASE get that little guy a party hat?

As seen on TO, via Mr. Penta.

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Sailor Neptune Preview.

Sailor Neptune Preview.

It’s Actually glittery and shiny ^^. I love it so much. I’m in the Tiara making process and I’m getting my wig today, Which is a little lighter in color so that it goes well with my skin tone. ^^. Happiness is Upon me hehe, I can’t wait to finish this one.

Attack On Lolita Preview.

Attack On Lolita Preview.

l’m not fat I’m just wearing layers!Kidding, The White tank top is folded because it’s lace covers half of the dress. Lawl! So, I opted for The Brown Corset I’m using for My Gaara Cosplay Over making a leather apron, Although I’m still not sure What it’ll Look Like with the Harness… (Which Was on the floor by my feet at the time.) I’m not finished with the Harness and I’m waiting for My Jacket to come in. So Yeah, The dress Is amazing huh? Perfect shade of brown, I MIGHT wear white stockings under it, I’d just hate to get them dirty, And I have a pair of black Combat boots. EXCUSE MY HAIR! I JUST woke up and Hadn’t brushed it, But I knew If I didn’t get around to posting the pick now, I wouldn’t have done it until It was finished.

Update! Personal Goals, Little Secrets and Unfulfilled Ambitions!

Hey dolls and Babes. Surprisingly, This entry won’t be too much about Cosplay or Otaku-ish Issues Well….sort of. I will mention some. ^^. First of all I’m announcing a Semi-Hiatus. I’ll still be updating on Tumblr. (Aka Reblogging nonstop) And Being mre Active on Polyvore; It’s synced to both tumblr and here so… Youll get updates. I’m going through a..Um…Change. I’ll share with you, Right now, Some of my MAJOR goals in life.

1. To Be widely recognized on the internet.

I want to Be Youtube or Tumblr Famous, I don’t know, I’ve got Advice to give and things to share. But I know my timing needs work. And I need to stop forgetting my camera at home so I can vlog about things. And I have a new Chromebook, So I need to learn how to use this cursed video that came with it. hehe.

2. I wanna travel more. I want to go to college in Japan, and get married in Germany. Possibly.

I know a handful of people who live in Japan. Friends, Family, Stuff like that. I want  to go to an art school in Japan and then Maybe, If I like it there, I might live in Osaka, Or major the country side. If not, then I shall move to Germany and make a life there.

3. To be an ultimate Otaku

4. To find love of course!
Omg I’m just kidding I want to get a cat or something….though it might be nice to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

I’ll update later. I won’t be posting any videos or photos until after Taiyou Con 2014. Because I’m going through a personal journey. and my dad is getting married soooo….. Yeah! see you later. I know I’ll have to come back and edit this.

soda princess

soda princess

reira | Tumblr

reira | Tumblr

Attack On Casual

Attack On Casual

Splendid v neck top

Rag & Bone jeans

ASOS belt